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November 11, 2010

Archives for November 2010

Some Great SEO Link Building Tips

To get your website to rank highly in Google's rankings, you need great content focused around keywords, sure, but you need backlinks most of all. Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. Google counts up the number of links pointing your site as part of its algorithm, which it then uses to rank all the sites competing for particular keywords. Now that you know what keywords are, how do you go about getting them? This is the … [Read more...]

Building Blocks: Constructing SEO Links

In a classroom one day, a teacher watched while a child carefully configured his castle of wooden blocks, and then drew a breath as another youngster toppled it over just as it was almost complete. Unfortunately, the same thing often happens to Internet users who are attempting to establish prominent links to their websites. Don’t be Derailed First, do not waste your time researching and reading “new” information about link building. While you … [Read more...]

How Much Do We Really Buy Online?

  Recently I was in the market for a new car.  I pretty much did all of my research online for the particular car, the dealership, prices, and not to mention all the pros and cons.  I decided to go with the car dealership that responded best to my emails, Tunkhannock Auto Mart, in Tunkhannock PA.  They weren’t the closest to where I live, since I live in Philadelphia, but they had the car I wanted at the right price.  So after all of this … [Read more...]

A Few SEO Link Building Tips

Everyone in SEO, from the newbie to the veteran, is on the lookout for new SEO link building tips. It can hardly be argued that having strong inbound links to your website is essential for good search engine results. The trick of all tricks in the trade is how to get as many of them as you can without getting the dreaded "Google slap." First of all, as Matt Cutts succinctly put it, "Content is king." While this is certainly true, it honestly … [Read more...]



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