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October 29, 2010

Archives for October 2010

How to Gain Traffic to Your Website?

Many people believe that having a website is enough when it comes to your online presence.  It is true that having a website is important and it is definitely a necessity when it comes to advertising your business.  But you can’t just have a website then do nothing to promote it.  You need to try to get people to visit who don’t necessarily know your business already, but are interested in your goods or services. So what can you do to gain … [Read more...]

Is AdCenter REALLY Ready for the Challenge?

  I’m not sure yet if I’m surprised about this or if I expected something like this to happen.  Yesterday when trying to access AdCenter using Google Chrome, a message popped up that said “Current Browser Not Supported.”  I was not able to sign in to my MSN account using the Chrome browser, to manage my PPC accounts.   So I wondered why did this happened? Is Microsoft AdCenter really up for the challenge to compete with the "big dog" Google … [Read more...]

Bid Management Software: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I’ll admit it I am very skeptical when it comes to bid management software to help manage my pay per click accounts.  The idea of a robot going into my PPC campaigns in the middle of the night and messing with my bids and ad positions is frightening to me.  Many other paid search managers who I have worked with have expressed that they fell the same way.  Call us control freaks, but there is definitely something unsettling about someone or … [Read more...]

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance Begins!

  On October 11, Microsoft adCenter will begin to take over power of Yahoo’s PPC Marketing Solutions. Ever since this partnership was made last year, the PPC and search engine marketing community has wondered how this alliance will work.  Well we are about to find out and hopefully will be delighted by the PPC results.  Yahoo! and Microsoft have formed this search team in hopes to take on the search engine powerhouse Google.  Both … [Read more...]

Facebook Trends – Users and Ages Go Up and Up

Well because “The Social Network” (the Facebook movie) came out today, it only seems fitting to write more about Facebook today.  I know I did last week too, but with all the hype around this movie our blog is deserving of some social media content too.  Since Facebook was launched in February 2004 it has grown into a powerful social networking machine.  There are more than 500 million active users and more than 50% of those users log into … [Read more...]



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